Welcome to Off Grid Technologies - Energy experts for your home and business...

What We Do

Simply stated, we help our clients find and implement simple, sustainable, and affordable ways to save money on utility costs. We are experts in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. We focus on turnkey solutions that are cost effective, provide an immediate positive impact on our client's bottom line, and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the nation’s leading contractor in energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. To build an organization that fosters excellence and commitment to service, performance, honesty, and respect for the environment and all customers, employees, investors, and business partners associated with the Off Grid Technologies brand.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

We are dedicated to educating businesses about the various opportunities that exist to increase social, environmental, and economic value. Using in-depth knowledge of the industry we provide solutions that:

  • Achieve significant long-term cost savings
  • Meet carbon reduction goals and mandates
  • Maintain consistent and reasonable levels of occupant comfort
  • Maintain consistent levels of building functionality
  • Align with corporate green initiatives


Our Approach

The approach we take to achieve optimal system efficiency and energy reduction in an existing facility is to utilize a process that is holistic and forensic in nature, with an evaluation of all building systems and their inter relationships. Once armed with comprehensive knowledge of the facility, coupled with our clients’ primary objectives, our engineers will develop a tailored and exact solution that will yield guaranteed and insured savings to meet our respective clients’ needs.

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