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Off Grid Technologies Zero Out-Of-Pocket upgrade/retrofit program is available to all commercial properties who qualify. Whether its $50,000, $100 Million or more our financing partners will invest in your building(s) to afford you the opportunity to create a energy efficient facility with no capital expense.  This financing is perfect for preserving your capital while still being able to make upgrades in lighting and renewable energy systems.  Our finance partners understand and promote energy efficiency and agree earn their investment back from a portion of the energy savings created.  This means that your business will have ZERO Out-Of-Pocket costs and in most cases your repayment amount will be less than the amount your utility costs savings.  Our engineers will perform a comprehensive energy audit to understand precisely what your needs are. Using this information, we create and implement energy efficiency upgrade plan – again all at ZERO Out-Of-Pocket expense to you. Since payment is entirely based on a portion of energy savings, our interest is always in alignment with our clients.

The Energy Audit Stage is where Off Grid collects information on your existing lighting and energy use.  Our first goal is to evaluate if the project is feasible. To accomplish this objective, the information needed at this stage includes 12 months of electric bills, information about the property: property type, how many hours per day and days per week lights are on, square footage of property, type of lights being used now and their wattage, what activities take place in the building(s), general layout of the space, solar & wind measurements etc… Once this information is collected, generally within a week our team is able to provide a proposal to prospective client, if the project is feasible.

A proposal is presented to client detailing how much energy and dollars client will save from LED retrofit and Renewable System upgrades. The Proposal will outline the savings to be shared between your facility and our financing partner at a percentage to be determined by the length of management agreement.  A longer term will provide for more immediate cash flow to your bottom line or you may want complete our agreement faster, with less cash produced.  So the savings will mostly be reflected in your payment to your utility company. In addition, we will include any federal and state tax credits or incentives offered. Once reviewed client signs proposal.

Electrical Engineers & Project Managers conduct a site visit. Information is gathered and carefully considered for final step prior to retrofit. Determined in this step is exactly how many lamps will be needed, what wattage, size and specs for lamps for retrofitting, which controls will be needed, type and location of all equipment to be installed, plus any other relevant data including lifts or ladders needed to complete retrofit, etc. Once engineer audit is created, electrical engineers and project managers review final documentation with underwriting and client to create final sign off prior to retrofit getting under way. Client and underwriting team sign off and retrofit begins.

Lighting Retrofit and Renewable Upgrades may take place during normal business hours or after hours, dependent upon specific client needs. All work is done by bonded and locally insured professional contractors or, if required, some work may be done by client’s maintenance crew or contractors. In either case, there is ZERO Out-Of-Pocket expense throughout the entire process, including the final step.

For this final step of the retrofit or upgrade, KWh activity is monitored to make sure that your system is performing to its designed, optimal efficiency and producing the desired savings. The significance of monitoring is very significant for several reasons. One of the most significant reasons to monitor is that monitoring is in real time. Once electricity is used it must be paid for. Even with smart meters you don’t get real time data. If energy leaks are found or unusual activity is taking place we can make corrections in real time. We can immediately create energy efficiencies on the fly with this monitoring. Monitoring is remote, so this is all done at the desktop level from our facilities. You can’t see what is not monitored and measured. Monitoring is a key component to the services we offer.

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