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Off Grid Technologies offers LED and Induction retrofit lighting for Medical Facilities, Medical Clinics, & Hospitals with no out of pocket expense along with a 5 year all-inclusive coverage program.

OGT delivers LED Technology and lighting systems. Our company specializes in retrofitting Hospital lighting and Medical Center lighting and a huge range of products and lighting systems suitable within this industry are made available through us.

Experience Counts! We are experts in efficient LED Lighting Systems…

Highly experienced engineers, scientists and technicians make up the backbone of our team who are constantly evolving modern concepts in electronic designs. We are recognized for offering the most up-to-date and the best lighting technology – LED – and are the only authorities offering these services in the US. LED’s are the best alternatives for incandescent globes and halogens and has reduced maintenance cost but extremely high efficiency. LED lighting is 100% environmentally friendly as mercury is not used in LED.

We are very flexible and can provide you the very best appropriate options in Medical care lighting and Hospital lighting dependent on your need. Once you give us an idea about your need we develop a great lighting solution design for you. Our team has the experience to manage a number of demands and requirements in Medical lighting and Hospital lighting. Furthermore, the quality is always at par with all the U.S standards.

LED Lighting is good for your business, the environment, & your bottom line!

The OGT LED Retrofit Program offers you a chance to improve the lighting arrangement in Healthcare and Hospital section which will help lower the maintenance cost of lighting and improve the quality of lighting. We provide financing that provides a no cost, no out of pocket expense with immediate realized savings to your medical facility.

By producing, selling and installing top of the line state of the art LED and Induction lighting technology, our systems provide you with the most up-to-date energy saving and eco-friendly solutions available today. All around your facility are out dated, energy wasting lighting hazards that require special handling, disposal and even evacuation of areas if the occasional accidental breakage occurs. Improperly disposing of fluorescent lamps and CFL’s is regulated by the EPA and now many states are starting to enact their own requirements for this hazardous disposal and you know that in the near future it will involve a lot of paperwork, time, cost and the ever present penalty phase for (non)compliance. Why put off the inevitable. LED’s contain no phosphorescent coatings and mercury and are eco-friendly making your carbon footprint substantially lower thereby signifying your commitment to the environment and everyone’s health and well being.

Improved focused lighting arrangements in the healthcare and hospital environment are starting to make a significant difference in the look, feel and day to day quality of life in the medical field workplace. See what LED and Induction lighting can do to keep your patients, staff and visitors happy and secure while making a significant positive contribution to your bottom line. We provide financing that provides a no cash, no out of pocket expense with fast repayment made from your savings and immediate actual positive savings over and above costs to your medical facility from day one. Contact OGT today for your free site evaluation.

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