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Off Grid supplies a wide selection of LED hotel lighting and hospitality lighting solutions to ensure the ideal ambiance for your distinctive area. These LED lighting options are well-suited for hotels simply because customers are the hotel industry’s most important assets.

Proper lighting decoration can produce an aesthetically desirable atmosphere for their customers. Outdoor decorative lighting is necessary to drawing interest, while indoor lighting should be mainly designed to create a pleasing, calming, and secure atmosphere.

Superior lighting with lower cost of ownership…

Our LED lighting solutions are ideal for hotel lighting for the reason that they offer superior efficiency and low power consumption, and are not slow to light up, do not give off any annoying flickering or buzzing light and are not considered a hazardous light, which requires evacuation of an area if broken thereby offering a comfortable and luxurious environment for guests.

These light-emitting diodes deliver more light per watt for up to 50,000 hours under standard use and last longer than typical bulbs. LEDs consume just a fraction of the power used as compared to 60 watts by normal bulbs.

OGT offers a wide range of next-generation hotel lighting solutions that light both interiors in addition to exteriors at a fraction of the expense necessary to pay your total utility bill. Outdoor LED lighting for Hotels will help lessen darkness and balances the light radiating from the interior as well as other sources. Concealed fixtures can throw light up, down or any direction, in a magnificent way to give a sophisticated appearance.  Contact us for more information on this lighting solution or to schedule a comprehensive energy audit.

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