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Off Grid delivers LED and Induction retrofit lighting for Modern Commercial Offices with no out of pocket expense, bottom line budget savings from day one and our own 5 year all-inclusive protection program.

Office LED lights are the only way to go for intelligent business owners who are keen on improving productivity, saving costs, contributing to an environmentally friendly world and keeping their workforce happy. The improved focused lighting arrangements in the office environment are starting to make a significant difference in the look, feel and day to day quality of life in the office workplace.

Benefits associated with Office Lighting by LED lighting:

  • Long-lasting – LED lighting lasts up to 10 times more than any other lighting.

  • Tough – LED lights are solid they’re not produced from a filament. That’s why they aren’t broken under instances when a regular incandescent light will be damaged.

  • Cool – LED lights don’t cause heat build-up which increases air conditioning expenses in the office environment.

  • More efficient – LED lighting use only a fraction of the electrical power of Incandescent or CFL lights. By replacing with LED lighting, you will see a 70% or more electrical energy lighting savings and that is a lot of change you can bank on!

  • Innovative Lighting Redesign – OGT brings you innovative lighting designs and LED Retrofit plans corresponding to IESNA specifications.

  • ZERO out of pocket expenditure – We are completely paid through savings on your electricity bill. No cash, no out of pocket expense, even the installation is included and the short repayment period provides you with many years of the total savings which will bring a smile to your face like none other.

  • Positive Income – Recognize cash back from day one after the retrofit is complete.

  • Protection Plan – 5 year all-inclusive protection plan.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Help make your building energy efficient with eco-friendly lighting.

High-quality, versatile lighting at a faction of conventional ownership costs…

LED lighting provides high quality illumination, controllability of light (they’re dimmable), extended long lamp life and decreases your carbon footprint. Choose from the wide range of office LED lighting fixtures from OGT to brighten up your work place and at the same time lower your energy costs. We offer office shelf lights, recessed lighting, reading lights, office cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, ceiling lights, office lamps and more. Our products are designed to give the best light with the finest quality at competitive prices.

More and more the public, and yes, even your employees are interested in environmental considerations and energy-consciousness. They pay attention to what businesses do and don’t do for the green effort. As a business leader you can promote your good stewardship by making the change to environmentally energy conscious LED and Induction lighting and help light the way to a brighter future. Contact us for more information on this lighting solution or to schedule a comprehensive energy audit.

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