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Selecting Off Grid for your commercial outdoor lighting just makes sense. Using the superior quality outdoor LED and Induction lighting of OGT you will significantly save on your electrical and on going maintenance costs as well as providing superior lighting for your facility. When compared with traditional mercury and metal halide flood lights, the outdoor LED and Induction lighting from OGT saves up to 70% of your electricity costs. Our lights have a lifespan which is almost five times that of traditional lighting fixtures. With a low upkeep cost, low carbon footprint and zero ultraviolet, mercury, lead or air pollution, outdoor lighting solutions from OGT provide value and eco consciousness in one package.

OGT features a wide range of modern outdoor lighting fixtures including landscape lights, bollard lights, garden lights, overhead pole mount, wall mount and projector lights to name just a few.

LED Outdoor Lighting creates safe & secure lighting conditions for less…

If you own a factory, warehouse or a retail store, providing proper outdoor lighting is one of your key obligations as an employer. Outdoor work can prove hazardous to people and property if the lighting is not adequate for your needs. Proper commercial outdoor lighting makes a difference and helps produce a safe and secure workplace. You need lighting fixtures for parking lots, stairways, the street outside, as well as the fa├žade of the building. Although you may not keep your store open at night, the exterior, parking lot, docks and storage areas need to be illuminated to keep your facility and personnel secure.

Our staff will be more than happy to recommend modern outdoor lighting solutions that will be well suited for your business. OGT has the right fixtures for you and we will help your employees work safely and efficiently even in dusk low light or night no light conditions. Contact us for more information on this lighting solution or to schedule a comprehensive energy audit.

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