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Premium quality retail store lighting is essential. It sets the stage for an attractive and pleasant shopping experience. It’s a tool used to attract shoppers to window and interior displays. Properly displayed LED lighting can capture attention and bring consumers to your merchandise. A dynamic spot light in a discreetly lit display area could be as attention-getting as pulling someone by the arm. Off Grid brings you imaginative lighting redesign and an LED Retrofit program for Retail Store Lighting.

Retailers focus as well on the daytime lighting needs in order to provide a highly satisfying aesthetic setting. It encourages shoppers throughout the shopping to transaction process by getting consumers inside the store, directing them to merchandise areas and highlighting the colors, textures, shapes of the merchandise you have for sale.

Don’t forget as well that LED lighting does not generate heat keeping your air conditioning costs down by 4-5% and will not fade or otherwise harm your merchandise and displays.

In retail store lighting you will find different kinds of lighting used including:

  • LED Accent Lighting – Accent and display lighting by LED lights provides focused impact on retail store lighting which illustrates the color, shape, texture and the finish of the merchandise.
  • LED Task Lighting – It supplements general lighting, used for surfaces, for workspace and for checkout areas it can help guide customers so that sales are made quickly and easily.
  • LED Wall Wash Lighting – This retail lighting pleasantly increases the size of a room and makes the room look lighter, inviting and open for customer examination.
  • LED Display Lighting – Display lighting is done to target the best attributes of the products and also is the supplement of the general diffused lights for the retail store lighting.
  • LED Perimeter / Directional Lighting – This retail lighting pulls customers from the main section into retailing space.
  • LED Dressing Room lighting – This retail lighting is imperative since this is one place where the final decision is made to make a purchase. A good quality light is essential to make the form and texture of the merchandise visible. Lighting complements the type of merchandise on sale.

Retail store LED lighting types that are also equally essential are window lighting, cash and counter lighting, rack lighting, track and rail lighting, recessed lighting and specialty lighting. Contact us for more information on this lighting solution or to schedule a comprehensive energy audit.

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